Sim, está um pouco "gay", mas na verdade ele sempre foi um pouco. E não, não são penas tá!
Dean: Whoa that’s neat. The “S” symbol being a representation of Krypton exploding is way too tragic for Supes to actually wear it, but gosh it’s clever. Similarly, Supes losing sunstone crystals all the time in flight or battle just doesn’t seem smart (unless they’re inert, not being control crystals, I suppose). I think it needs a cape, but I totally love the concept.

Jess: The idea is really cool, but in execution it…well, it kind of looks like a chicken suit. Even if there were a way to make it look less feathery, I feel like a hero encased entirely in crystal is not the most approachable guy in the world, which doesn’t strike me as being particularly Superman-ish.

Rachel: I think Jess’s concerns are right on the money: this Superman is literally pretty prickly, and while a spiky power suit has its advantages, I just don’t think it fits the character. Superman is all about approachability–he’s a symbol as much as he’s a superhero–and this costume broadcasts the opposite. I do love the concept, though–it’s super cool and hella evocative. It could even make for a pretty rad Superman villain, if you just tinted those crystals green…

Chris: This is a very striking imagine, but my practicality-sense ™ is rinigng off. This could be a one-time power-up suit for Supes, butI don’t see him wearing this much bling — Lois would get jealous!

Joel: I love this design, and am kind of in awe of the creative reinvention on display, here. It’s a brilliant application of the Donner Kryptonian crystal technology, and that S-shield is simply an act of genius. I love that the crystals are constantly growing and breaking off into confetti, giving Supes a Miracleman-style Tinkerbell effect. What happens to those fragments? Do they dissolve? Are the gathered up by collectors and sold on eBay? Do they sink into the earth and quietly grow into… something? I agree that it doesn’t have the approachability that is key to Superman’s appeal, and the boots look a little unconsidered, but that all that’s keeping this from a perfect score.

Vito: I love the idea, but the execution is a little…I don’t want to say flawed, because it’s quite ingenious. It just reminds me too much of Doomsday in its concept. I like Joel’s Miracleman explantion, but I wish I could get behind this more.

Waid: Glurgh. No offense, ’cause it’s imaginative, but it’s just so cold–and, worst of all, I really think the one thing Superman doesn’t want to be reminded of every time he looks at his own insignia is that his planet exploded violently.

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